Edible straws

One of Sanmy's goals is to lead the ecological transition of the food sector and one of our objectives is to eliminate single-use plastic straws. Now it is possible to replace them with a sustainable and fun alternative that turns the act of sipping into a unique and tasty experience. Do you want to join the challenge?

Strawberry Sorbos

With an acidic and fruity touch, our strawberry is ideal for juices, smoothies, mixed drinks and all types of cocktails.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Lime Sorbos

An acidic and fresh touch, and a delicious tropical flavour that combines perfectly with your juices, soft drinks, somoothies, cocktails and mixed drinks.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Lemon Sorbos

Give a light, citrusy touch to all your drinks. Because the lemon is perfect for your soft drinks, cocktails, fresh fruit juices...

Format: Box of 200 units.

Apple Sorbos

Smooth in aroma and fruity, the apple matches perfectly with smoothies, smoothies, soft drinks and fruity juices. It can also be used in many types of soft drinks and fruity cocktails.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Ginger Sorbos

Due to its spicy touch and its smooth aromatic notes, SORBOS ginger is our recommendation to accompany your tea-based soft drinks, smoothies, cocktails and mixed drinks with personality.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Chocolate Sorbos

Sweet and aromatic. SORBOS Chocolate is perfect for smoothies and cocktails, and an ideal pairing for whisky or rum-based cocktails.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Cinnamon Sorbos

Spicy touch and very intense aroma. SORBOS cinnamon goes perfectly with smoothies, horchatas (tiger nuts milk drink), cocktails and cocktails with personality.

Format: Box of 200 units.

Neutral Sorbos

With a slight sour note! Matches any kind of drink... And don't forget that your SORBOS are edible too!

Format: Box of 200 units.


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