Specialists in co-packing

Our more than 125 years of experience in the manufacture and packaging of soft drinks are a guarantee that Sanmy is the perfect partner for the co-packing of products.

We provide you with the possibility to develop new drinks and food products in our facilities, which are equipped with high technology, providing great flexibility in the production.

We offer our R+D+I expertise to adapt and personalise all types of references to different formats and characteristics, as well as advising you on the most advantageous options. We are backed by numerous success stories from major brands that have chosen to outsource or expand their production by partnering with Sanmy.

Since 2011, we have the demanding international certification IFS, which verifies the fulfillment of the highest quality requirements: from product design to production and distribution. At the same time, our excellent logistic capacity allows us to supply national and international markets and to offer you the possibility of executing a distribution plan within the Great Distribution and the peninsular Catering (Horeca) Channel, fields in which we have a quota and absolute domain.


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