Sanmy's extensive knowledge of the soft drink market allows us to stand out and have a vast presence in all the distribution channels. Through our logistics department and agreements with the leaders of each sector, we fully control the large distribution (Off Trade), the Catering (HORECA) channel (On Trade) and the Convenience channel. This allows us to facilitate the entry and distribution of all types of soft drinks and products to the peninsular market, as well as in the southern European region.

We have our own fleet of trucks and vehicles and are strategically located in Terrassa, an area that is close and well connected to all kinds of roads and transport services. This allows us to enjoy delivery by road, sea and air, as the plant is just a few minutes away from Barcelona and its international airport.

Our facilities are optimised to ensure fast, efficient and quality loading and unloading operations.

In addition, our excellent logistics service guarantees fast and efficient deliveries and the commitment to immediate response provided by the constant monitoring of your orders and loads.

We also offer you the possibility of storing and palletizing your goods, adapting to your distribution needs.


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