Brand representation

For more than a decade, Sanmy has specialised in introducing and representing other brands exclusively for the large distribution channels (Off Trade), the Catering (HORECA) channel (On Trade) and the Convenience channel.

A growing number of companies focus on the development of their own products and trust Sanmy as an external distributor, entrusting the commercial management of their products and the management of the point of sale. Thanks to our experience and commitment as exclusive distributors, we offer a comprehensive service or commercial outsourcing that adapts to each brand depending on its needs.

Among the services we offer, our team of point of sale managers (PSMs)
stands out, who are in charge of periodically visiting hundreds of shopping centres all over Spain. This team ensures the application of the agreements negotiated by our National Account Manager (NAM), Key Account Manager (KAM), Regional Account Manager (RAM) with your central purchasing office.

Our objective is to increase the visibility of the products and ensure their success at the point of sale. We use all types of POS advertising material to increase turnover and brand awareness.

Among the actions we carry out, we can manage product sampling, tastings or activate cross promotions.

Contact us to draw up the strategy that best suits your business.

Brand representation

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