Siphon / Soda

The siphon is one of Sanmy's flagships and one of the company's most successful products. We make it following the centuries-old recipe with which we have been bottling siphons since the end of the 19th century. It is a transparent and colourless drink, with carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate. These ingredients give us a very healthy carbonated water with many properties, among which the fact that it has no calories. If there is one thing that makes Sanmy's siphons unmistakable, it is their bubbles. They give a unique touch of joy to all intakes.

Geiser Supersyphon

The Supersiphon Geiser is made according to the centuries-old recipe with which Sanmy has been packing siphons since the end of the 19th century. Its ingredients provide very healthy, calorie-free carbonated water. The Geiser Supersyphon is ideal to drink alone or with other drinks, as its head is designed to spray at a very high pressure. It is a very appreciated product in cocktails as it is the perfect mixer.

Format: PET 150 cl.

Geiser Siphon

In 2000, Sanmy was the first European company to launch a recyclable non-returnable PET siphon for supermarkets. This revolution meant that everyone could enjoy this excellent carbonated water by buying it in supermarkets. Since its launch it has received the following awards: LAUS design award 2001, Liderpack 2001 packaging award and World Star for Packaging 2001.

Format: PET 150 cl.

Super Mojito Geiser

Non-alcoholic mojito flavoured drink ideal for drinking alone or to make mixed drinks. Made with the best tropical aromas and ready to serve.

Format: PET 150 cl.

Sani Siphon

Transparent and colourless drink with carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate made with local water from the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac natural park. It contains no calories.

Format: PET 150 cl.

Vintage Geiser Siphon

Enjoy bubbles loaded with history and dress your table with the vintage Geiser siphon. In addition to refreshing and accompanying your best dishes, you will have a timeless, iconic and colourful piece that you can use to decorate the most special corners.

Formats: Glass 75 and 100 cl.

Custom Vintage Siphons

Do you want to have your own personalized vintage siphon? Sanmy offers you the possibility to select the combination of colours you prefer and incorporate the name and logo you choose to characterise a unique vintage siphon. We can customize your vintage siphons with the name of the business, franchise, special celebration... that you want.

Formats: Glass 75 and 100 cl.


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